Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Elements Yoga Therapy, therapeutic yoga is a combination of yoga (breathing, movement and stillness), Ayurveda, principles of kinesiology and bio-mechanics, energy work, somatics and reflex integration. Private sessions are designed for your body, challenges, lifestyle and goals.
You are in control. As a result, you are the key to your success. The time you invest in mindfully doing your therapeutic yoga home program results increased awareness, strength and flexibility. You will learn to alleviate or avoid pain and move in a way that feels free—even enjoyable.

Improve your movement based on what you want to do in life. Be curious and explore what is possible.

Private Yoga Therapy includes:

  • A re-assessment at each visit.
  • New or different movements based on how you are moving and feeling.
  • Awareness exercises to help you develop your self-care tool kit.
  • A custom home program which applies to you alone.


What to Expect

Bring your curiosity and a mat. This is a barefoot / sock feet practice. There may be hands-on assistance from time to time.

I struggled through what was thought to be age-related but severe sciatic pain, believing that “working through the pain” was the way out. …gentle therapeutic yoga was recommended by a neighbour and I met Civi. I admit that although I liked her and her philosophy, I wasn’t initially convinced that the “gentle” things would do anything. After session 2 I was aware of getting stronger. Each week between visits progress seemed to occur. I was feeling less pain and more activity and energy. It was as if my wrecked body was discovering alternative paths to strength and mobility! Week on week I am aware of absolute functional improvement - I can get dressed and put on my socks and shoes without sitting down or holding onto a wall! - Dr. Sarah
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