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Better health is possible 

And guess what?

You don’t have to push so hard or fight through the pain to make it happen.
There is a gentler yet effective way to heal your body, calm your mind, and shift into the more joyful, energized life you want… at any age.

Yoga Therapy can help you get there.

If chronic pain is draining your energy no matter how hard you fight it…
If fatigue, overwhelm and stress are getting in the way of your dreams…
If poor sleep is depleting your vitality and sense of joy day after day…

It’s time to reclaim your health and step into a new way of being—one where you plant your feet in the present moment and connect with your whole self with kindness and mindfulness. You have the power to dial down the pain and suffering in your life. I’ll help show you how.

Get back to doing what you LOVE
with more freedom, ease and peace.

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“I started taking yoga sessions with Civi in the hopes that I could strengthen my bad back, gain more flexibility for my body, and help relieve stress.
My range of motion has increased and my low back pain has subsided substantially. Civi’s excellent instruction and specific exercises have had both immediate and lasting results.
I didn’t think I’d enjoy yoga or be able to do it, but with Civi’s help I’ve been able to do more than I ever thought I was capable of.”

Dave, 41