About Elements Yoga Therapy

What We’re About

Elements Yoga Therapy is a small business owned and operated by Civi Jacobsen. We focus on supporting you to get back to being the best you can be.

Private Sessions and group classes are held at various locations in North Simcoe County, please check the schedule for a location near you. Call us today, or fill out the contact form to book a session or class, or to get more information.

“Slow and steady wins the race” AESOP (Greek Slave 620-560 B.C.)

Our Guiding Principles

  • Enabling self-care through growing a person’s awareness and building skills to reclaim their present and future.
  • Be honest about where your body is right now. Mindful movement will allow you to grow exponentially.
  • Notice your body’s warnings and support a full life that is gentle to you, the earth and others.
  • Do only what you need to do. We don’t need to have pain or strain state to ‘get’ healthy.
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