A practice for improving balance.

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  • I should start by saying that I am not a competitive yogini. I really don’t care if I ever do a perfect headstand, dancer or yoga ‘splits’. I do enjoy playing with movement and seeing if I can move into and out of asana well. I get on my mat to add value to my ‘good health’ account. The longer I can stay moving well, breathing with ease, and managing my response to stress the more ease I feel teaching, working outside, dog walking, driving…
    I have heard so many of you talk about your desire to stay well or improve your health so you can do all the things you love doing. We all hear the word balance used in many different ways – work / life balance, emotional balance, improving your balance so you don’t slip and fall…and finding balance (stability shall we say?) is key to moving through life with greater ease.
    What I have noticed is that physical balance is very influenced by how I am feeling – both healthwise and mentally. If I am feeling too busy my concentration suffers. This lack of attention will get me into trouble. Have you ever not been ‘paying attention’ and you trip, slip or wrench something? Yup. Me too. Now that roads are clear and I can take really long walks with my dog balance is a great thing to be working on.
    All my March classes are focused on balance.
    I thought I would share some of my own observations that you might enjoy playing with whether doing ‘yoga’, walking your dog, or on your commute.
    • Draw attention to your breath. Is it even? Start to ease into evenness. If this feels difficult, don’t try so hard.
    • Notice where you are holding tension. Treat that tension like holding a new born baby – with great care, softness and attention. Breathe very gently into that space.
    • If you are moving start to notice the rhythm of what you are doing and your breath. Are they working together?
    • Try not moving as quickly or quite as deeply into your practice or walking pace. What happens to your breath and movement if you back off a bit and find an easier pace? Can you start to feel a sense of evenness?
    • Observe what is going on in your mind as you shift how you are moving your body for the rest of your activity.
    I would love to hear about anything you notice. You can post or email me.
    Enjoy your ‘practice’ – whatever form it takes today.