Great legs!

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I have noticed that many of my current clients have trouble moving their legs in their pelvis. They are using other parts of their body to make movement  like walking, climbing stairs or shifting into yoga asana happen.

Test out how well your leg moves in your pelvis but trying this short practice. You will need a block (or use a stair) and a wall, railing or chair for balance.

Try stepping one foot up onto the block or step. What do you notice? Is your back, hips or torso moving to allow you to get that foot up and onto the block? Are you holding your breath when you move?

If you are able to bring your foot to the block, use the wall or railing as a support and see if you can dangle your other leg without shifting through the hip or spine on that side. Start with your easiest motion.

The more we notice, the more we work with ease, the more ease we will find. Enjoy exploring moving leg bones in pelvis and get those great legs moving well!

If you are interested in learning more check out this article and clip from Dr. Evan Osar to explore the relationship between core, stability and leg movement.

Evan Osar: Low Back Pain – The Myth of The Weak Core – Part 1

Breath in ease. Breath out calm.