Thanksgiving Recovery Practice

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Thanksgiving can be such a wonderful time of year in this part of the world. In my little corner we have beautiful fall colours, the perfect temperature for a brisk walk in the woods and of course an abundance of fresh, local food. I love the idea of having an extra day to spend time with family and friends.

Here’s a super short practice that you can do standing waiting for a timer, sitting in the car, or lying down for a few moments. Read through it first. Enjoy exploring this wherever you find yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Find a spot to sit or stand (against a wall) comfortably.
  2. If there are others around you, let them know that you are going to take a little break. You don’t need to close your eyes.
  3. Take a couple of cycles of breath just to notice where there is any tension or tightness.
  4. Start to bring your attention to your exhale. Don’t force the breath out, let if out the same way you would put down something heavy and feel relieved when you aren’t carrying it anymore. Try 4 or 5 breaths just like this.
  5. Start to notice where your breath is moving most easily. We’ll call this the ‘easy breath’. Take a few easy breaths and on every exhale let the edges around the easy breath / spot soften. Don’t change the volume of your breath.
  6. Keep your feet uncrossed and flat on the floor.
  7. On an exhale start to move into a tiny (spinal) revolve towards the right. Go only as far as you can without pain. It will be a small movement. Do your shoulders, legs or hips want to get involved? Take 4-8 breaths on this side. Move to centre, take an inhale and exhale and move to the opposite side on an exhale. Take 4 to 8 breaths. Return to centre.
  8. Keep moving with your breathing rhythm into the last movement. Start to gently let your spine curve to one side. Don’t lead with your head – let gravity do the work for you. Only go as far as you can without creating tension or letting your feet shift weight on the floor or sitting bones come up on the chair. What do you notice? Take 4-8 breaths then return to centre and move to the other side.
  9. Return to centre.
  10. As you continue to keep an easy breath notice if the easy spot has shifted. Take 4 breaths. Start to notice the sounds around you and practice letting those sounds happen keeping an easy breath for 4 breaths.
  11. Know you can take a moment to stop and breath.
  12. Know you will get done wants really needs to get done.
  13. Know you have one more skill to help you move with ease.

Enjoy your day.